To create a Fologram account, simply go to and follow the instructions.

Through your dashboard ( you will be able to purchase and managed subscriptions, and link your Hololens.

To link your Hololens to your account, please follow these steps:

On the Desktop:

  1. Access your Fologram Dashboard via, and click on the 'Connect' tab in the menu:


  2. Your Account QR code will then be displayed:


On the Hololens

  1. Launch Fologram from the Windows Home menu.

    When prompted, allow Microphone and Camera permissions. If you do not enable permissions, you will not be able to complete the remaining steps and Fologram will not function.

  2. Open the main Fologram menu and select 'Settings':


  3. Select 'Account Management':


  4.  Here you will see details of your current trial or subscription. Click on 'Attach Hololens':


  5. You will be prompted to look at your Account QR code. Please do so on your desktop. Once you have, you will now see your subscription information (if there is any active licenses) instead of the trial information:


On the Desktop:

  1.  If you now click on the 'Devices' tab on the menu you should now see your new device listed: