Fologram has a diverse client base, everything from solo operators up to large multinational organizations. As a result we have seen a wide variety of different strategies in managing devices and users accounts. 

User Accounts

Unless there is security concerns, we recommend using a personal Microsoft account that is logged into all headsets. Additionally all usernames/passwords should be set to the same, easy to remember details so if the user is using a different device, they can just keep using the same credentials to log into the device portal (which is critical for live streams and media capture).

We also strongly recommend that you have these credentials printed out and attached to the case of the headset, so anyone using the device will be easily able to access the device portal.

Using Azure AD credentials significantly increases the admin burden, especially around resetting devices and accessing the device portal. 

Device loans

For our educational clients with large numbers of users of the HoloLens, we recommend using a loans  system to manage access to the HoloLens. Many institutions already implement loans systems for IT and audiovisual equipment, and including the HoloLens in these systems allows students to access the device for projects when they are needed. The administrator of the loans desk should prepare a charging station for the Hololens devices to ensure users are always able to access a fully charged device.  As Fologram does not require users to have access to any accounts (with Microsoft or with Fologram), students should be able to work with Fologram as long as they have the Fologram for Rhino plugin installed on their personal laptop or lab PC. 

Plugin management

Fologram for Rhino is a free plugin that can be installed on any PC running Rhino 5, 6 or 7. The Fologram for Rhino plugin does not require a Fologram account to install or use, and the plugin will automatically update to simplify maintenance and management overheads for IT staff. The plugin should be installed on all shared machines that may be used with the HoloLens, and can be downloaded here