Now that you've learned how to create interactive, mixed reality presentations from Rhino models it's time to take the next step and learn about some of Fologram's more powerful features.

First work your way through our 3 simple articles that cover how to create shared sessions and accurately place models using Fologram's QR codes.

Then get started with Fologram for Grasshopper. Fologram's grasshopper components allow you to:

  • View your mobile phone or Hololens in real time in Rhino
  • Detect taps, gestures and hand rays and use these as inputs to your parametric models
  • Read and track QR codes and Aruco markers
  • Stream the mesh of any detected surfaces or spaces
  • Interact with parametric geometry
  • Animate geometry and materials
  • Control sliders, buttons, toggles and drop down menus on your mobile phone and Hololens
  • Build custom mixed reality user interfaces
  • Control physical simulations like Kangaroo or Karamba in mixed reality

... and a whole lot more. The best way to start learning Fologram for Grasshopper is to work through the examples on our Community.  You can also get help with learning Rhino and Grasshopper, learn how to use Fologram for fabrication and construction, solve common technical issues, find academic literature on mixed reality and explore projects that our community have built with Fologram. See you there.