Mixed reality experiences are best when they are shared and everyone in the audience can engage and participate. It is also useful to create high quality video of mixed reality experiences for use in project documentation, presentations and teaching material. Here are four simple ways to capture and share mixed reality experiences with Fologram.

1. Recording video from Fologram for Mobile

You can record a first-person view of what you see by tapping and holding the record button (circle) in the bottom bar of the Fologram for Mobile app. Once recording starts you can release your finger and interact with the app as normal. Tap the record button again to stop the recording and save it to your device. Fologram recordings are saved in the DCIM / Fologram folder on Android devices and in Camera Roll / Fologram Album on iOS. 

If you have multiple devices connected to the same experience, make sure all devices have placed their model in the same position using a QR code to ensure recording interaction with holograms (especially on the HoloLens) is an accurate representation of the experience for other users.  

2. Record your screen on Mobile

Most modern phones support screen recording that will allow you to capture video of the Fologram UI (layers, sliders, menu etc) as well as first person mixed reality footage. This can be especially useful for demonstrating what the experience of the app is like. On iOS devices, follow Apple's step by step guide for screen recording. On Android, download a screen recorder like MNML and follow the app instructions to record your screen. 


3. Streaming and recording mixed reality capture from the HoloLens using Device Portal

Fologram makes it easy to access device portal and stream what you see through the HoloLens. Once you've started Fologram on the Hololens and connected to Fologram for Rhino, click on the device name in the Fologram for Rhino plugin window to open device portal. You will need the user name and password for your device from the administrator to log in. Then click on Views > Mixed Reality Capture to open the capture window, and click Live Preview to stream first person video from your HoloLens. To save a recording of the stream, click Record instead. You can download the recording from your HoloLens from the list of videos and photos at the bottom of the window. 

4. Streaming using Miracast

You can stream first person footage from the HoloLens to a Miracast enabled display in real time by tapping the Connect icon Image result for miracast icon from the Windows Home menu on the HoloLens. If you want to stream to your laptop of PC you might have to enable projecting to your PC first. Check out this guide from LaptopMag for how to do so.

For more ideas for capturing and streaming media from the HoloLens, check out Microsoft's article on Holographic Capture.